Covid19 and Cloud/ Digital Transformation

I have not been blogging much recently due to work exigencies. I am really glad to still have a job in these trying times, and being able to more directly contribute to the national efforts in supporting Covid19 as an essential personnel.

With most of the world being in some form of social isolation to combat the virus, I was not surprised when I read the news about Amazon Web Services revenue crossing $10 million for the first time. I have installed Zoom, Teams, Webex, Duo and more this past 2 months for online meetings, and I assume many others have as well.

Why did it take a pandemic to accelerate cloud and digital transformation for many businesses and companies? I do not really know. I do hope that once this whole Covid19 pandemic is over, we will get more remote work opportunities, face-to-face meetings get replaced by virtual ones and a higher cloud adoption.

Stay safe folks!

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