Serverless SMS Reminder – Terraform

I wrote about configuring this simple serverless application in a previous blog post. In this part, I will go through how I turned this into Infrastructure as Code (IAC) with Terraform, and why IAC is truly a game-changer when provisioning Cloud resources. Why Infrastructure as Code? IAC is not new on this blog. I have… Continue reading Serverless SMS Reminder – Terraform

Terraforming WordPress on AWS Lightsail

Infrastructure as Code is the process of managing infrastructure in a file or files rather than manually configuring resources in a user interface. Hashicorp If you work on AWS, you might know that the 2 most commonly used Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tool that people use are AWS CloudFormation and Terraform by Hashicorp. I posted… Continue reading Terraforming WordPress on AWS Lightsail

How to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

This is a quick rundown of the materials I have used to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam with a score of 930/1000. Prep Materials Used Official AWS Certification webpage (Free) The official certificate webpage (link) is a good starting point to get a rough idea of what is required of you before you… Continue reading How to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

Cloud Foundation Battle (AWS vs Azure)

2 of the biggest Cloud providers offer Cloud foundation training content and certification: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) vs AWS Cloud Practitioner (CLF-01). How do they measure up? Disclaimer: Information is correct as of 26th December 2019. Certification requirements change very frequently. Certification Path For both Cloud providers, foundation certification is not a compulsory prerequisite for other… Continue reading Cloud Foundation Battle (AWS vs Azure)

Takeaways from STACK-X Meetup #3

“Meetup, seasoned engineers and architects from GovTech’s cloud computing teams will attempt to de-mistify the Government’s work on Cloud Templates and Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC), and take you through our experiences thus far in implementing IAC across different government agencies and services. “ Details from GovTech on their meetup page GovTech held their third iteration of their… Continue reading Takeaways from STACK-X Meetup #3